Modular Stainless is a comprehensive range of quality, CKD (Complete Knock Down) modular stainless steel products designed for the hospitality and foodservice industry. All modular stainless products are supplied boxed with all components ready for final assembly and installation. As the requirements of your kitchen changes or grows so to can your Modular Stainless by simply adding another module.

The designs are specific to Modular Stainless and can be incorporated into most kitchen designs. The benches are a standard 700mm deep built to exact international standards and incorporate the latest CKD hardware for quick and easy assembly and installation.

Product Range

Modular stainless has comprehensive range key products found in any commercial kitchen. From island work benches, to single sink benches, double-sink pot-wash benches and dishwash inlet and outlet benches, all Modular Stainless products are available in multiple sizes to make planning easy By adding 3 tier trolleys, gastronorm rack trolleys, equipment infill benches and flat or tubular over-shelving any kitchen can be planned using the modular stainless philosophy and keeping the costs to a minimum.

Modular Stainless Specifications

All modular stainless products are designed and built using quality materials and components.

. All Bench tops are 16 Gauge (1.5mm thick) Type 304, number 4 brushed finish, with: 16 Gauge (1.5mm thick) hat section stiffening under .
. All benches with wall up-stands incorporate a 150mm high with 40 mm x 40 mm 45 degree beveled top edge upstand which can be fixed and sealed water tight against the wall.
. All under-shelving is 18 Gauge (1.2mm thick) with folded safety edge and hat section stiffening under.
. All benches includes a NSF approved sound deadener to underside bench tops which combined with the hat section top stiffeners avoids the need to use timber frames.
. All benches use quality stainless steel fittings and screws with stainless steel legs and stainless steel adjustable feet.

Designing with Modular Stainless

By adopting the "Modular Stainless building Block philosophy" designing any foodservice operation from a large scale Production kitchen to a small café is quick and easy. All modular stainless products are developed around standard sizes, 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm and 2400mm, so interchanging different modules throughout the design process is possible without major design issues. All modular stainless benches can be mechanically connected forming a continuous line.
The Modular Stainless dishwashing modules are all available in either left or right handed versions so they can be incorporated into any design.

Modular Stainless Features and Benefits
. All benches feature the same heavy duty profile with either a flat work surface or a heavy duty wet edge antispill detail. This means that any combination of modular benches can be fixed adjacent to each other retaining the continuous modular stainless profile.
. All benches feature stainless steel legs and fully adjustable stainless steel feet so that the weight of the bench is supported to the floor and not cantilevered of the wall. For fixed or sink benches an optional flanged foot is available which can be screwed to the floor.
. All modular stainless products are made of high quality stainless steel including all the fittings.